Family Law and Divorce

Looking for A Family Law Attorney to Help You With Your Family Legal Issues

Family law refers to the legal practice of assisting people with familial relationships. While guiding them through such a hard time, it also includes assisting them with the resolution of family conflicts, especially divorce. Family law matters can include the dissolution of civil marriage, child custody, visitation and child support issues, adoption, parental rights, and fathers’ rights. These matters are handled by a licensed family law attorney who is a member of the Missouri State Bar Association and the Law School of the University of Missouri. The lawyer should be a member of the legal team that represents the individual client.

Family Law Attorney


A divorce can be emotionally traumatic for both spouses. A good divorce attorney can help their client navigate the legal process and the ramifications of a divorce. Family law attorneys handle a variety of different cases, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, annulment, child custody, alimony, and termination of marriage. In addition, they may represent clients involved in a wrongful death claim, as well as those who have been injured due to accidents or products liability.


When a person is looking for a qualified family law attorney in St. Louis, there are a number of characteristics to look for. First, the attorney should be practicing law in the state where the divorce is taking place. Secondly, the attorney should have experience handling cases that fall within the area of the expertise that you are seeking. Finally, an experienced attorney will be familiar with the workings of the court system and will be able to provide you with an accurate assessment of your chances of prevailing in your case.


St. Louis area lawyers also specialize in family law cases. Many of these lawyers have been practicing family law cases for many years and possess an intimate knowledge of the court system and the legal process in this area. Additionally, family lawyers frequently deal with issues that are unique to family law cases, such as adoption, surrogacy, child support, spousal abuse, divorce, and similar areas. In addition, these lawyers may serve as personal injury advocates, criminal defense attorneys, or probate attorneys. The particular specialization of these lawyers will depend upon their specific field of expertise.


It should be noted, however, that not every St. Louis family law attorney will be willing to take on your case if you don’t have sufficient financial means to retain them. Also, it is very important that if you do require the assistance of such an attorney, that you make sure that the attorney is reputable and competent. The internet can be a helpful tool to aid in this search for qualified lawyers in family law cases.


When a person wants to get divorced, they should first try to work out an amicable relationship with their spouse, especially when children are involved. If no quick resolution can be reached, then a St. Louis family law attorney may be able to help the couple settle their divorce matters. In some cases, the divorce may not be a simple one, but the expertise of a family lawyer can help in amending or adjusting the terms of a divorce agreement. When a divorce is impending and needs to be handled quickly, then it is often best to hire a St. Louis divorce attorney to represent the client. This can mean the difference between a quick divorce and a prolonged conflict.